How to Partner

To accelerate racial equity, we must cross sectors and break down the usual boundaries that divide us. This site is meant to be a resource for you to find new partners in your local community and across the country. Here are some of the key strategies we recommend:

Work with your local government

One important thing you can do is establish a relationship with your local government — so many of the policies that impact our lives are governed by local officials and staff. Many local governments are already a part of GARE — the Government Alliance on Race & Equity. If your government is, reach out to them and find out how you can partner with them (and make sure their actions are consistent with their words). If your local government has not already made a public commitment toward racial equity, encourage elected officials to make this commitment by joining GARE. If you are a community member or community group, our Race to Democracy site has tools like petition templates, model ordinances and model legislation that you can use to support effective local government action for racial equity.

Get inspired

Here are some inspiring examples of how government can partner successfully with other sectors to advance a common racial equity vision:

Build partnerships in your community and across the country

We encourage you to explore the map in two key ways: by geography (exploring organizations near you by zooming in to your city or town) and by sector (using the dropdown menus at the top of the map) to find new alliances (or invite new organizations to join).

Join allies at events across the country!

Finally, some of the best ways to partner and connect are through in-person trainings and convenings.